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Helen Keller

By: Derek M.
Oklahoma, Age 9

Helen Keller was born on June 27,1880 and was very healthy. When she was a year and half she got very ill and became deaf and blind. She was a very sad child.
A few years later Annie Came into her life and was her teacher. Helen did not like her but she got to use to her and then enjoyed her teaching. Annie taught her sign language and how to read. Then Helen was happy and was able to write stories. People really liked the stories she wrote. Helen Keller died on June 1,1968 it was just a few weeks after her 88th birthday.
Helen's story has been told over and over, She has been the subject of books, plays, and films, and television programs the United States postal Service has dedicated a stamp for her. And organization with her name works to help blind people. Helen Keller's life was filled with silence and darkness but she had the courage and determination to light her days.