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George Washington Carver

By: Carlynn L.
Texas, Age 9

George Washington Carver was an inventor. He found 300 uses for peanuts,
sweet potatoes,and lima beans.
Mr Carver was born in 1861. When he was a little boy, his mother was kidnapped and killed.Mr Carver was also kidnapped and sold as a slave. He worked in the cotton fields. When the Civil War ended, Mr. Carver taught himself to read. After he graduated from high school, he went to Simpson College in Iowa. He was the first black American to graduate from Iowa State University. In 1896, he accepted the invitation from Booker T. Washington to teach at Tuskegee Institute. Mr. Carver told farmers how to plant and use peanuts. Mr. Carver died on Jan. 5, 1943. He was honored with a commemorative stamp in 1948.