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Helen Keller Life

By: Jennifer G.
Texas, Age 9

Helen Keller was born on 27 June, 1880 in Tuscumbia. Helen's grandparent's built a simple,white,clapboard house in 1820. In 1882, Helen got sick. She lost her eyesight and hearing. Helen met Anne Sullivan, her teacher on 1887. In 1889, Helen Keller visited Pres.Cleveland at the White House. Helen began college in 1890. On 1904, Helen published her life story. In 1931, Helen met the King of England. Anne Sullivan died in 1936. In 1957, a movied about Helen's life, The Miracle Worker, premiered. Helen suffered a sever stroke in 1961. In 1964, Helen received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She died in June, 1968.