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Harvey Firestone

By: Andrew G.
Rhode Island, Age 9

Harvey Firestone was born on December 20,1868 in Columbiana Ohio. As a boy Harvey went to a small elementry school and then attended high school. After he graduated he worked for Columbus Buggy Company. Harvey even got to drive the 1st rubber tire buggy. In 1895 Harvey married Idebella Smith. They had six children.
In 1890 Harvey started his own company with 17 workers. He was president from the start until he retired in 1932. He started making rubber tires for carriages.
In 1904 Harvey joined Henry Ford and started to make cars with rubber tires. They were one of the top five in the rubber market for 80 years. He made tires for trucks, cars, tractors and made the first balloon tire.
Harvey made a rubber plant in Liberia that was one million acres. On Febuary 7, 1938 Harvey Firestone died in Miami Beach, Florida.