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Abraham Lincoln

By: Carter B.
Illinois, Age 9

On Sunday, Febuary 12, 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky. By Tom and Nancy Lincoln and had an older sister, Sarah who was two years older. In a few years Tom and Nancy had another baby named Dennis. Dennis got sick and died. Soon Abe and his family packed and moved eight miles to Knob Creek and named thier farm Knob Creek Farm. Soon Abe had to move to Indiana. Then milksickness came and Abe's mom caught it and on October 5, 1818 Nancy Lincoln died. Next Tom married Sarah and Abe got a new mother she made them clean the log cabin and now it looks better than ever. Abe got older and thought he should go to politics and run for the state legislature. Then there was a fight Abe joined the fight and was elected captin. Abe stayed in the state legislature. Abe lost the election. In 1834 Abe ran again for the state legislature. He won and moved to the capital, Vandalia. Abe decided to become a lawyer. He taught himself and didn't go to school. The capital then moved to Springfield. In 1840 Abe meet a beautiful lady named Mary Todd. They both were very different. Abe was tall and Mary was short. Abe grew up poor and had only one year of school. And Mary was wealthy and was well educated. Abe was shy around woman and Mary was very outgoing to men. On November 4, 1842 they both were married. They had a boy named Robert. Then they had three more Eddie (1846), Willie (1850), and Tad (1853). In 1846 Abe was elected to the United States of Representatives. The Lincoln's moved to Washington D. C. However Mary didn't like Washington she and the kids moved to Kentucky with Mary's parents. In 1848 Abe ran again for the House and lost. Abe and his family meet again in Springfield and Abe went back to law practice. Abe didn't even carry a case in stead he carried them in his tall blck hat. On February 1, 1850 Eddie died from tuberculosis. In 1854 Congress passed a law so that the states could decide about slavery. In 1858 Abe ran against Stephen Douglas for the Senate. Abe said