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A Welles Biography

By: Shaquille B.
Louisiana, Age 11

He was born George Orson Welles to Richard Head Welles and Beatrice Ives Welles.May 15,1915. Orson was a very great man.I mean his name changes to much.To Orson this was bad news.That his parents might seprate.By every count Orson found formal education to be tedious but in 1926 just as his unhappy childhood was a gradually slipping into a lonely adolescence.But I got to say it for him that Orson wrote his on poem.I÷IĂll tell you one of the lines I quote÷ About twice a year I wake up and find myself a sinner.I mean you can tell that was coming from the heart. HereĂs Orson showing respect. OrsonĂs apology to Katherine Cornell after being scolded for misbehaving.Now this is what I have to say about Orson he was a good boy on first but now heĂs a bully. I mean they call him PeckĂs Bad Boy.Now you know thatĂs bad.But then Orson got back to his scenes.He started directing second film.But something happening 1970.Tragically the only know print was destroyed by fire in 1970.At Odd Welles school Orson was directing film .But this is in my own words.Orson had a great education and Orson was a great man.