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Our African American Hero

By: Brynna H.
Michigan, Age 10

Our Ruby Bridges was born September 8,1954. Her family wasnĘt all that rich. She moved to New Orleans in 1958.
Two years later a judge ordered four colored girls to go to a white school. Ms. Ruby Bridges was the only one to go to William Fantz Elementary School. That next Sunday her family prayed.
She went to the white school on November 14,1960. The president had to send Ruby some body guards. She went to school; all the white people were throwing and yelling things at her.
All the white children stopped going to school. All because of Ms. Ruby Bridges. Months had past and no white children came.
The first white child was a boy and his brother. Their mom was getting tired of them goofing off at home.
Soon five children were there and it stayed that way for the rest of the year. Ruby was a young brave girl.