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Ruby Made A Difference

By: Allison A.
Michigan, Age 9

Ruby Bridges was born on September 8, 1954, but to some people she is just some black girl
She was four when she moved to New Orleans in 1958. At first she went to Johnson Lockett Elementary School, but not for that long.
Every black person did tests to see if they would go to whites schools. She, and three other black girls were ordered to go to white schools. She was the only one to go to the white school William Frantz.
Her first day of school at William Frantz was on November 14,1960. She didnÆt want to go, but she anyways.
When she arrived at the school, white people yelled bad things and throw things at her. The president sent bodyguards to help her.
The white parents did a boycott and wouldnÆt let their children go to the school.
On the second day of school RubyÆs mother sat in the classroom with her. She went home every day at 3 oÆ clock. She prayed before and after school every day.
No white children went to school there. Her parents were proud of Ruby because she didnÆt back out of the white school even though the boycotting parents were giving her a hard time. Her new and first white teacher was Mrs. Henry.
Soon two boys went to William Frantz with Ruby. Eventually everyone was going to that school again.
Ruby marred a contractor and had four children.
Thanks to Ruby white and black people go to school together. Ruby made a difference for everyone. Whites and Blacks.