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By: Christopher E.
Ohio, Age 10

Ehrick was born in March 24,1874. He was born on Budapest,
Hungary. He was a Weiss. The Weiss was poor. Ehrick had four brothers name Herman, Nathan, and William. Same time Ehrick was born Mr.Weiss had got a offer from America. When they move to America the Weiss got larger. Ehrick had two little brother name Theo and Leopold. He had a little sister name Glady. Mrs.Weiss was fine living in America. But Mr.Weiss wasnÆt. They moved to Milwaukee. The Weiss going poor so each day after school Ehrick and heÆs brothers and sister would sell new paper and shined shoes. When Ehrick got older he started running track, swimming, and diving. wenties he was famous. Ehrick had people all around the world ask him to escape
When Houdini got in his t escape. Ehrick had die on October 31,1926.