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Clara Barton

By: Alicia B.
Ohio, Age 10

Clara Barton was a very smart person.
Clara Barton was a teacher for a very long time.
She taught 40 children. She became a nurse for the red cross they called her angel of the battlefeild.
Clara Barton was born in 1821 on a winter night.
Clara had 2 brothers and 2 sisters their names were dorthy,stephen,david,and sally.Clara had a mom and a dad their names weresarah and stephen barton.When clara was three years old her brothers and sisters tought her math reading and writing.One day clara∆s brothers took clara ice-skating. They were haveing fun until clara fell and scraped her knee. Clara never told her parents what had happened.Clara was miserable because she didn∆t tell her parents about what happened.Soon she told her mom what happened.Clara∆s mother called the docter and the docter came to look at clara∆s knee.
Clara∆s knee was infected she had to stay in bed for three weeks.Soon she was all better.When clara was 8 years oldshe went to a bourding school where she learned; latin,ancian history and many new subjects.Clara did not know any of the kids at the school and she never had any friends there either because clara was so shy.Soon she moved to another house.Clara∆s mother hiered a painter to put wallpaper up on the wall. Clara thought that the job was very fasinating so she asked the man if she could help paint and put up wallpaper and the man said she could help but clara had to get permition from her parentsfirst.Clara∆s mother said that clara could help so the man tought her how to mix colors and everything.Soon when the job was done clara got sad because she loved doing it so much.That night the painter left. Clara whent to bed when she got up to her room she found a locket it was from the painter clara kept the locket all her life.When clara was 11 she learned at school; grammer, english, literature, composition, history, philosophy, chemestry, and more writing. When clara was 17 she became a teacher for 40 children. Clara∆s students were either older or taller than her.Soon she quit being a teacher and became a nurse for the red cross during the civil war clara was called angel of the battlefeild.