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By: Sarah H.
Ohio, Age 9

On Septmber 8,1954 A seven pound baby girl was born at the Tyler Town hospital in Mississippi.Her parents named her Ruby Nell Bridges.A year after she was born her family moved to New Orleans in Louisiana. Five years later the court told 3 black kids in the New Orleans that they were aloud to go to school with white kids. Ruby`s mom,Lucille liked that idea of Ruby going to a all white school but her father,Abon did not like the idea,he thought it would cause danger. But Ruby went to school at William Frantz and Federal Marshals had to go withher to .After Ruby Bridges started going toher new school everybody started draging there kids out of school. When she went to school and left school.People yelled at her and cussed at her, and put burning crosses in black people's front yard. About 1 or 2 weeks later Ruby started going to school a white man brought his little girl to school they became friends.She went all through school and graduated and then went to a busines school and studied traveland tourism she did for fifteen years.A little whilewent on oprah wemfry show and talked.A few weeks later,her brother was killed.She is still alive and she is 53 years old with four boys.You know if you think about it we are relly luky.Some peole don't think so but we relly are imgen if you were Ruby how she felt would you like it?I know I would not.