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A Hero and a Inventor

By: Brytani W.
Colorado, Age 9

Ben FranklinĘs inventions saved and helped many people. Ben Franklin was a famous inventor. He created many inventions like the library chair. The Library Chair would fold out and make stairs that you could climb up to reach the high books but, if that made you dizzy you could use the Long Wooden Arm that would reach the book for you. One more he invented was the Lightning Rod that went on the roof and stole lightning right out of the sky before it could do any mischief. In addition to that he was a scientist. He did experiments almost everyday. One experiment was stealing lightning. He did this by tying a key to the end of a kite string. He also did an experiment that helped you swim faster. Ben was also very helpful. He created the hospital and fire department. His inventions were also very helpful. For example the Lightning Rod helped many people by saving both them and their children. Most important, he is a hero. His inventions saved lives. The Lightning Rod saved more people than you can count! Ben Franklin was an important person during the War of Independence. Ben asked the French to help them in the war, and with the help of the French we won the war. Ben was awarded many medals and awards. Ben Franklin was an inventor that invented inventions to help people not so he could be awarded medals and awards.