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James A. Garfield

By: Tyler A.
Iowa, Age 9

James A. Garfield was born on Nov.19,1831, in Orange, Cuyahoge County, Ohio. His parents were Abram and Eliza Ballou Garfield. He was the youngest out of the five children. His nickname is Preacher President. He weighed 10 pounds at birth.

He had a lot of jobs. He was a mule driver on a canal. He work on a farm. He chopped down wood. Washed sheep and loved to work in field's. He went to Williams college. He wanted to be a teacher. When he served in the civil war, he raised fast through the ranking and became Major General. He fought in several battles. His team and him won the war of Middle Creek. Soon after, he got camp fever.
James was shot with a bullet only six months after he became president. James got more popular votes and electoral votes. He was elected president in 1880. He was inaugurated on March 4,1881. He died on September 19,1881.