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Marc Brown

By: Maggie P.
Iowa, Age 9

Marc Brown lived in Erie, Pennsylvania. His mom's and dad's names were LeRoy and Renita Brown. He has three sisters named Bonnie, Colleen, and Kimberly. He was the oldest one in the family. Marc Brown went to a public school. He had two kids named Tolon & Tucker.

When he was growing up he loved stories. He loved to tell his friends stories when he had time. Then when he graduated he wanted to go to college to learn to draw. He went to school at Cleveland Institute of Art. Marc majored in painting. He also loved doing photography, textiles, and graphic design.

When he asked his mom and dad if he could go to school for art they said no. They wanted him to go to school for a practical subject. If Marc Brown wanted to go to school for art his parents would not pay for it. For presents his parents and family would buy him pens, paper, and pencils.

In 1984, Marc & Laurene published their first book. It was called the Bionic Bunny Show. Then when their marriage ended and they divorced Marc started looking for books on divorce. In 1986 Marc & Laurene published another book again called Dinosaurs Travel, Dinosaurs Divorce, and all other kinds of books.