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Anne Frank

By: Corey K.
Iowa, Age 10

Anne Frank was a girl that liked adventures. She was a nice person. Anne had a lot of friends.

Anne Frank was born in Germany on June 12, 1929. She died in March, 1945 in Bergen Belsen. Anne was a Jewish girl who lived in Amsterdam. She had a friend named Hannah. Anne had an older sister Morgot, a mother Edith, and father Otto.

Anne and her family went into hiding. They were able to stay in hiding for 2 years. It was called the Annex. The Annex was in an office building. In the office there was a bookcase that would open at night to the attic.

Anne's father gave her a diary to keep with her. Anne last wrote in her diary on August 1, 1944. Anne gave her diary a name, it was Kitty.

They went into a concentration camp. Hannah went into one too. Anne got her head shaved because she was in S-barracks. Anne was transferred to another camp (Bergen-Belsen). This was all during World War II.