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Skateboarding Legend

By: Dylan S.
Michigan, Age 9

On May 12, 1968 a legend was born Tony Hawk. At a young age skateboarding was his life.
When Tony was 9 years old his older brother Steve hawk gave him a blue fiberglass skateboard. Steve taught Tony how to skate first he had to learn how to balance on it then he had to tech him how to do tricks such as an Ollie and kick flip.
Soon after he was on his own. When he fifteen he started going to contest after that people wanted to sponsor him he was so good believe it or not people even thought he was the best in the world.
He was the person to ever do a 900 he had to know how to do a 180, 360, 540, 720,to be able to do a 900 though he was that good!!!
If you want to be like Tony you have to work hard and practice harder.