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Martin Luther King Jr.

By: Chris H.
Michigan, Age 10

On January 15 1929 Martin Luther King jr. was born in Atlanta Georgia. As a young boy Martin couldnĂt do much because of the ˘white only÷ signs. They were on playgrounds, restrooms, restraints, hotels, pools, schools and jobs.
On June 18 1953 Coretta Scott and Martin were married. Two years latter a women named Rosa Parks another fellow activist in the civil rights movement was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white man. This made the black people angry and did a peaceful protest for what is now the Montgomery bus boycott.
On 1963 August 6 Dr. king gave his ˘I have a dream÷ speech. Over two hundred thousand black and white people came watch him give his speech on the Lincoln memorial steps.
On 1968 April four Martin was shot in Memphis Tennessee. James Earl Ray shot Martin out side his apartment. An hour latter he was dead.
People remember Martin for desegregation including the ˘freedom riders÷ black Americans who were able to ride interstate buses. Martin didnĂt give up on his dream even though people threatened to kill him and his family.