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Coca Cola

By: Rachael B.
Nevada, Age 10

John Pemberton the maker of Coca Cola was born in Culombus , Georgia on July 8, 1831. As a young man he served as a colonel in the Confederate army during the Civil war.
When he got older he worked at a pharmacy . At the pharmacy there was a soda fountain so they people could get medicine and sit down and have a non-alcoholic drinks and/ or an ice cream desert. The reason why he made Coca Cola is because he wanted to put it in the soda fountain for a new drink for the customers.
One day in May of 1886 John mixed together extract of African kola nut, coca leaves, caffeine, lavender, caramel, lime juice, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, lots of sugar and other ingredients that are still a secret today. He had the soda fountain clerk Willis Vendable try it and he liked it but it was to thick so they added one ounce of water which tasted like coca cola that lost the fizz. One day Vendable accidentally added carbonated water , they tasted it and it tasted much better so they kept it.
He died in Atlanta, Georgia on August 16, 1888 when he was 57. His Grave can be found in Linwood Cemetery.