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Thomas Adams-Chewing Gum

By: Shelby S.
Nevada, Age 11

Chew, chew, chew goes your jaw as your chewing a famous mistake that turned good. This thing you are chewing on is called Chewing Gum, invented by the inventor named Thomas Adams. Thomas Adams and his buddy Santa Anna started out trying to make tire patches out of rubbery substances that include: Chicle, sap from Acacia trees ( the trees are located in Nigeria, Libya, Tunisia, and Tanazia. ), shrubs of the Astragulas 9 shrubs located in Iran, Turkey, Asia minor, and Greece ), and the gums created by many trees trying to heal and protect there tree tissues injured by man or parasites.
As you can see they did not invent the tire patch, they failed. until one day he found that Santa Anna was chewing on the rubbery substances and enjoyed it. He then took it down to his local pharmacist to sell it. The pharmacist loved the idea and excepted the offer. Chewing sold very well. It came in boxes of two hundred for a dollar and fifty cents. The box had a picture of New York on the front and was called ˘Adams New York Chewing Gum......Snapping and Stretching.÷ But believe it or not gum was blunt white with absolutely no flavor. Until one day Adams decided to add licorice to the substance. This gum was called ˘Black jack Chewing Gum.÷ This new gum did not sell well, so it was taken away only to reappear with other flavors. Although Adams invented the gum he did not invent bubble gum. Bubble gum was invented by Walter Diemer in 1928. To make it more impressive he added a pink food dye, (the only color his factory had.) Bubble gum now is sold in 550 companies and 93 countries. The gum is packaged and made like so:

1) The latex is from the trees and then thrashed until it is a liquid.

2) It is then boiled in a giant crock pot to reduce the water.

3)Then it is hardened and separated into 25 pound blocks.

4) Then a flattener rolls across the block and flattens it.

5) Then it is cut into strips and fed into a machine that raps it.

gum balls are made the same way only they are molded into ball shapes and coated with sugar and corn syrup. As you can see gum has traveled a long way.