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By: Carmen F.
Tennessee, Age 9

Beethoven was sitting alone in his attic, thinking about what to write. He was thinking about writing a big book of music. He tried as hard as he could. Then, something came up. He began his very musical life.

Beethoven was born in the 1800's. He lived until he was in his mid 50's. Beethoven was never married because he was a grumpy old man. He lived in an attic with a family not his own.

Beethoven could compose when he was twelve. The great composers heard about this astounding boy, so they asked him to perform in front of thousands of people. He did an amazing job, and probably performed again very soon.

Not long after this he became deaf. He could still compose, but he could not hear what it sounded like. As he grew older, he got ear horns. They were supposed to help him hear better. After he got more, he figured out that the ear horns did not work. From then on, he made people write everything down.

He inspired me because he is the most interesting composer that I have ever heard about, I would like to learn as much as I can about him.

At first, I thought Beethoven was very boring. But now that I realize it, he was the one who inspired me to play the piano. Now it is my lifetime dream.