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George Washington Carver

By: Laura F.
Virginia, Age 9

George Washinton Carver was born in Diamond,Missourri.GeorgeĂs child hood was not so good, because,he was born a slave.Also his mother was was taken away by mean men who kidnap slaves.George never saw his mother again.The Carvers(The people who own george and his mother.)took care of George and Jim. (GeorgeĂs older brother.) They treated them like sons.While George took care of his plants he watched kids learn from the school window to see if could learn a thing or two.People did not let George g to school because he was an African-American.After a while George found a school he could go to in a little town called Neosho.George left home when he was eleven.

George went almost to everywhere to study plants.He went to Iowa State collage.One day a letter came, it was from Booker T. Washinton.He wanted George to tech at his school for African-American children,he also wanted a really good science teacher.÷ThatĂs me!÷ thought George.So george went and became a grea scince teacher.(Also a plant scientist and plant teacher.)People and GeorgeĂs students started to call him the ˘plant doctor÷.

George told farmers that the peunut was very good to plant.The farmers tried it and it worked!George made over 300 things from the peunutand sweet patato.One day George wanted to go for a walk,but he felt to weak so he just stayed home.He was thinking his work was done, he was right,George Washinton Carver died on January 5,1945 in Tuskegee.

What I think:
I think one really impressive thing was,George leaving his family at avery young age.If I did that I would be crying in five seconds!