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Benjamin Franklin

By: Gregory H.
Georgia, Age 9

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston,Massachusettes. The 15th child in his family, Ben went to work at his father's candleshop at the age of 10, then at his brother, James's, printing shop.
In 1730, at the age of 24 Franklin became the sole owner of a business that included the Pennsylvania Gazette.
In 1732,at the age of 26,Ben started collecting and publishing the Poor Richard`s Almanac. Active in the community,Franklin founded a discussion group called the Junta that evolved into the American Philosophical Association. It helped form the first U.S. lending library.
Appointed in 1736 as clerk in the Pennsylvania Assembly, Franklin held a seat there from 1751 to 1764. He served asa city deputy postmaster from 1737-1753 subsequetly, as joint deputy posymaster for the colonies. He also improved postal service and made the postal service better.
In 1752 Franklin coducted his famous kite experiment and invented the lightning rod.Returning to ststemanship,franklin represented Pennsylvania at the Albany Congress in 1754 called in response to the French and Indian Wars. In 1783 Franklin signed the Peace Treaty. In 1790 he died at the age of 84.