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Marie Curie

By: Jenna V.
Iowa, Age 9

Marie Curie was born in the 1800's. She was born in Poland. When she was very young her mother had a diesease and could not hug or kiss her children. The older siblings under stood but Marie was a little confused. So her older sister took care of her. The family grew poorer and poorer and they had to move. They had to live in a small apartment with a couple boarder students in England and the family had to sleep on cots. The family went through a huge problem with the money. Soon Marie's mother died. Soon after the two of Marie's older sister caught a diease from one of the boarder students, and became very ill. The younger one of them was fine after a very high fever but the older one died and Marie sobbed because she took care of Marie. Marie's father was a scientist and someday Marie wanted to be one too. She got a scolar in High school and studied math and science. She was the first women to win the Nobel Prize and in 1911 she won a secong one and was the first out of men and women. Marie married a man named Pierre Curie. Soon after Marie had two children a boy and a girl. She died on June 6th. Thanks for reading my wonderful report!!!!! :)