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Alexander Gregory B Harrington

By: Alex H.
Maryland, Age 15

Alexander was born on September 26, 1991 in Baltimore, Maryland the second child of his parents. Alexander attended Waverly Elementary School and was recognized as has a nature talent for learning. His teachers recommended that he participate in the Math Engineer Science and Academic Program. He did well and then was encouraged to enroll at Baltimore Blue Ribbon School, Roland Park Middle School. At Roland Park, Alex excel well and was received well by his teacher and encourage to become more of a mentor to his classmates. One teacher in particular suggest that during class period that all the student would speak French only so that they would be better students in French.

After graduating from Roland Park, Alexander could chose any school he wanted to attend. He choose Baltimore Polytechnic High School. Poly is also a Blue Ribbon school that offers Honor courses. Student from around the state attends Poly. At Poly Alexander is currently in his senior years taking honor classes and participating in Sports. At present, he is running track and field for his school. He plans to study Physiology this fall.