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Francois the first.

By: Alliaume G.
Michigan, Age 9

Francois was born in Cognac,France in 1494.He was king from 1515 to 1547.After he was named king, he occupied the area of Milan in Italy after the victory of Marignan in 1515. From 1521,he faced Charles Quint in battles , his victorious rival at the imperial election of 1519. He signed a treaty at Madrid ,1528,in which he lost Milan and Burgundy. Another battle went on but this time victorious for Francois because of some alliances. Then, in 1544 they signed a peace treaty. Francois let go of the Savoie and the Flandres, but he re-obtained the Burgundy.He ordered his administration to use the French instead of the Latin for the official documents. From 1530 to 1539,he founded the royal college and the royal editions, he protected the writers,the scientists and the Renaissance artists. They changed some castles like Chambord, Fontainebleau and the Louvre. These castles attracted some artists like L. De Vinci. He died in 1547.