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Abraham Lincoln

By: Lindsley M.
Michigan, Age 9

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky, Feburary 12 1809. Abraham grew up in Indiana and Illinois. Abraham had a big sister named Sarah, and his family had a farm. Abraham loved to read books, and when he had to do some work he stopped to read a little bit of the book. When Abraham was seven years old they moved to Indiana, Abraham helped his father chop down trees, and build a log cabin. When Abraham was nine years old his mother died. He called his stepmother My Angel Mother. Abraham took a boat to New Orleans, and so Abraham found a market in New Orleans. And Abraham saw slaves chained to be sold and that made Abraham sad and he would never forget that day. Abraham worked as a clerk, and studied to be a lawyer, and Abraham ran for president. Two years later Abraham became a lawyer to let the slaves free. So Abraham saved the slaves and helped win the war. But some people didn't like him freeing the slaves. Abraham Lincoln wrote a speech called ''The Gettysburg Address'' The speech was about liberty and justice for all. And a first paragraph that I read I want to tell you about. And here it is: ''Four score and seven years ago our father's brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the preposition that all men are created equal.'' Then one day when Abraham was president he went to the theater, a really bad man that didn't like him freeing the slaves, crept up right behind him with a gun. And put the gun up to the back of his neck, and then shot President Abraham Lincoln. So the police probably put that bad man in jail. Abraham was a great man, and still is. If Abraham Lincoln was still alive he would still be president. I hope you liked my story, and next time you can hear another one of my stories. Thank you and THE END.