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John F. Kennedy

By: Kenny W.
Washington, Age 11

John F. Kennedy was born May 29, 1917 at Brookline Mass. He died in11/22/1963. He had three children. John F. Kennedy gave us so much peace and encouragement we have today. “Kennedy set forth the goals of his new Frontier program.” He promised to work for freedom .He did all he could for freedom, and a good future. I really think he was a good president.
John F. Kennedy fought for civil rights. He gave peace and hope to all the people of the nation.
He was one of the youngest men ever elected. He was also one of the most popular presidents.
When he was making one of his speeches, some one shot two shots at him from the “Texas School Book Depository” building, one hit him in the front of the throat and one hit him in the back of the head. The young president died a half hour later