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Theodore Roosevelt

Texas, Age 11

Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27,1858 in New a child he loved to collect animals and study them.then he got diagnosed with Asthma and some times he would have trouble breathing so his parents thought he was going to die!But luckily,he didn't!then in 1876he went to Harvard University. sadly two years after he starts college,his dad dies in 1878.during college not long after his fathers death,he wrote a book about the war of 1812.Once he finished college,he went to Columbia law school. Then ,he Became a western policeman then in 1878 he is elected Governor of New York.after he did his term for Governor he ran for vice president and won in 1900.president William McKinley was shot Theodore took his place for the 26th president and the youngest president.sadly in Jan 26, 1919.