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David Ortiz

By: Collin O.
Texas, Age 10

David Ortiz, also known as ''big papi,'' is one of the best baseball players in the American league. He grew up in a poor town in the Dominican Republic. He loved playing soccer,baseball,and basketball. He couldn't afford baseball bats and balls so they had to use a large stick as a bat and oranges for balls. he was very good at basket and played on his his school team. Nobody could stop because he was strong and big. He always wanted to be a proplayer in one of the sports. He made it to the big leagues in 1998. His first big league hit was a double. After the 2001 season, his mother had died in a bad car accident. In 2004 the red sox had made it in the world series. It was game 7 when they won it. David had led them to a national championship. He says