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Johny Depp Is The Best Actor

By: Jacob S.
Wisconsin, Age 11

Johny Depp The best actor!!!

The person I’m about to tell you about, is famous for being a very well known actor. I’ll give you a hint, he stars in the new the movie, “Alice in Wonderland.’’ Well his name is Johny Depp. The title the book I read is Johny Depp. The author of the book I read is Kara Higgins. Johny Depp is also known for being a musician, and a director. The type of book this is a biography. Now let me tell you about Johny Depp’s early years. Then later I will share information about his career, and contributions.
Johny Depp’s early life was I guess you could say “horrible’’ When Depp was younger he moved to over 30 homes. That meant Depp couldn’t ever make any friends. He lived in an industrial town in Kentucky. Depp was born June 9, 1963, in Kentucky. When Depp was younger like in his early teens he was in a band. This later led him to start doing drugs. Depp also dropped out of school to follow his music career. So of course that wasn’t going to last. Instead he is going to go with acting. Next I will give you information about Depps career.
Johny Depp had a very successful career and still does. So Depp had his music career going until he found acting, but he didn’t have a record deal going. He really liked acting and decided to put his music career on hold. Which I think was a good idea. But finally just let it his music career go, because he loved acting so much. How Depp mainly started his acting career was from Nicholas Cage, he helped Depp land his first acting role. That was in 1984 it was called Nightmare on Elm Street. He met Nicolas Cage from his girlfriend Paradise. Short after in 1986 Johny stared in the Academy-Award winning drama Platoon. Depp started being in a lot of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean series, Blow, 21 Jump Street, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Sleepy Hollow, and The Brave. The reason why he was probably in all these movies and a special actor is cause, when ever he acts he gets really in his character. An example is Pirates of the Caribbean, he really got into his character by dressing like a pirate and talking like one. Now those were only some. He also won many Grammys for movies. So clearly you can see that Johny has had a great career and still does. Now let me tell you about his main contribution to society.

Johny Depp did many good deeds and gifts to others. Let me tell you about them. Depp is famous for being an actor, musician, and director. Depp’s main contribution is entertaining. Now his good deeds Johny worked with Make-a-Wish foundation, and visited sick children. Which I think was very nice and thoughtful. He also held charity events, and raised 10,000 dollars for the Starlight Foundation. He held the charity events at his club. So now you can really tell Depp is a good man, for all his good deeds, and gifts to others. Okay moving on now to a review about what I just mainly talked about.
Lastly I’m going to tell you just going to go through a review. You know about his background and early years, like when he had a terrible early life. You know about his career and how Nicholas Cage helped him start his acting career, and how he was in all those movies. You know about his contribution to society, and how he did all those things for charities like visit ill children, and raise money for charities and his main contribution is acting. One thing I learned from this was Johny Depp was in so many movies!!! The only thing I can relate his life to mine is that Depp likes to do charity work and someday I want to. The main idea for this report is to tell about Johny Depp’s life, from when he was younger to almost where he is right now. One thing I learned from him is life can be pretty bad, but it could turn around and become a successful life!! Surely Depp is good actor and a good man. I had fun reading about, hope you did to!!
The End.