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A Really Good Biography of Virginia Hamilton

By: Katie W.
Ohio, Age 11

A Really Good Biography of Virginia Hamilton
Have you ever known someone who's grandfather escaped slavery? If so the author could be Virginia Hamilton.
Virginia Hamilton was born in Yellow Springs, Ohio in 1936. She grew up in a farm home being the youngest of five children. In my opinion she was a very bright child. I think this because when she was younger she won prizes for reading the most in a summer program at her school. She also participated in public speaking contests. If you can believe it at first she didn't really take writing seriouslly! Later on in her life she got a scholarship to Antioch college in Yellow Springs, Ohio. From there she moved to Ohio State University and then to New School in New York. After she lived in New York for 15 years she moved back to Yellow Springs, Ohio.
When I was talking about her grandfather escaping from slavery I meant that her grandfather, Levi Perry, literally escaped from slavery in the late 1800's. In fact the first story she heard was of her grandfather's escape. Pretty interesting, huh? When she was in New York she met and married a poet named Arnold Adoff. Virginia and Arnold had two children in Yellow Springs named Jamie and Leigh . Virginia 's mother,Etta Belle Perry, was a story teller while her father, Kenneth James, was a musican. Also no one in Virginia's family gave her advice on writing.
Virginia Hamilton has won a lot of awards. Like in 1992 she won a Han Christian Anderson medal. She's also won things from Newbery such as a Newbery medal and 3 Newbery Honor awards. I'm sure her family was very proud of her. She also won the most prestigious international award. Three other awards she won are two Coretta Scott King awards, an Edgar Allan Poe award, and was the first chidrens auther to win a Macaruther Foundation ''genius'' award in 1995. Not to mention all the awards she won as a child!
Now, if this biography interest you I suggest you try reading one of her books, like Cousins or M.C. Higgins the Great. She died on Febuary 19, 2002 of breast cancer. Thank you Virginia Hamilton for your wonderful books and lessons!