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Elizabeth Blackwell

By: April D.
Indiana, Age 11

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman doctor. She was born on February 3,1821. She was very smart, and did a lot of good things in her life.
Before Elizabeth became a doctor she went to medical school. She went to school at Geneva medical school. She graduated with high honors. Before Elizabeth became a doctor she also helped her brothers and sisters when they were sick. Elizabeth also visited different hospitals. She raised money to open a clinic foe woman. She also visited family members when they were sick.

Elizabeth liked her job. She helped different people. She was very caring towards others. She helped different doctors too. Elizabeth helped people get well. She was a good doctor. Elizabeth worked hard at what she did. Elizabeth enjoyed her working life.

Elizabeth lived a long life. She died on May 31,1910, at age 89. She died because she had a stroke. Before she had a stroke she fell, but never recovered. She died in Sussex, England. Elizabeth was buried in June 1910. She was buried at Saint Munís church yard in Scotland.

Elizabeth Blackwell was a hard working person. She accomplished a lot of goals. Many people will always remember Elizabeth Blackwell as a great doctor.