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Jane Goodall

By: Natalee K.
Indiana, Age 11

Jane Goodall was born on April 3,1934. She was born in London, England.
Jane Goodall had a chimpanzee, it was her stuffed animal named Jubilee. Her mother had given it to her when she was little. Jane was interested in animals ever since. Jane loved animals so much she wanted to live with them in Africa. One day she waited in a hen house for five hours waiting for a hen to lay an egg. Jane’s mother encouraged her to follow her dreams about going to Africa. Jane Goodall was eighteen when she finished secondary school. Then she began working. Jane Goodall started working as a secretary. Also she worked as a waitress. She was trying to save money to go to Africa.
Then finally she had enough money to go to Africa. She was 23 years old. She and her mom sailed to the east coast Africa. Where she met louis leaky, who became her teacher. In Africa leaky and his wife Mary had discovered what were known as the oldest species. He choose Jane for the job. Then Jane got very sick and so did her mother.
Jane had a high fever. Finally Jane felt well enough to walk. Jane finally collapse. After a while laying there she saw chimps start to surround her. She noticed they weren’t scared of her because she was not moving. She’s been coming back to learn more about them.
After a while working with Baron Hugo Lawick they got married. They had a son named Hugo known as Grub. Then they got divorced. Then she got married to Derek Bryceson. Jane noticed the monkeys started to act different, more wild then usual. So then she studied more. Jane Goodall was known for her landmark study of animals. Jane got many of awards. She also received many other gifts in her honor.
Jane Goodall is still alive to this day. She is 75 years old.