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By: Victor R.
Ohio, Age 11

November 16,1915 is when Jean Fritz came in to world. Hanoi, China is where she lived for 13 years. In those years she kept a dairy about her thoughts and feelings of life. 13 are about how old she was before her parents decided to go to the United States. Sadly she missed her friends. As she grew older her passion to write grew. Jean had lot of writing jobs including being a librarian for two years. Most of these jobs were successful and reasonable pay.

Early thunder George WashingtonÆs Breakfast Why DonÆt Get A Horse Sam Adams Who that stopping on Play month rock Traitor: the case of Bandicoot Arnold China homecoming shahs! Was writing the contusion the great little Madison You want women to vote Stanton Bully for you Teddy Roosevelt Why not layette and Brandy. The wonderful Jean Fritz made all these books.

Homesick: my on story was one of the finalists to win an award. Other than that she didnÆt win any awards. All of her books she proud of. Still she will try her best like fire not trying to burn out. When she was litter all she did is to draw but it was like water put over fire. Then it was time to throw it away and write.

Even today her spirit is writing. Never put down her books. All can lean from just one book so try and always read.