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A story of Hiroshi

By: Hiroshi Y.
Japan, Age 15

Hiroshi Yagyu was born in Ube, Yamaguchi, in 1989 and moved to
Kitakyushu in 1995 when his father was transferred to a big
hospital. After graduating from junior high school in 2005, he entered
Kokura Minami high school on the recommendation of soccer. During era of high
school, he earnestly practiced soccer. As a result, he was selected
on a starting member. However his soccer team lost in the second round. After
graduating from high school in 2008, he was masterless, so he was
study very hard before entering Soka University. While he went to and
from a cramming school, he discovered his dream which was the United
Nations. Now he joined RAIM which learn about a refugees, also he was
interested in turkey after entering Soka University. So he joind a
society for the study of Turkey, and he made friends with a Turk. He wishes joinded to study abroad in Turkey in the near future.