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Adolf Eichmann

By: Yujiro N.
Japan, Age 15

Adolf Eichmann was born in Solingen, German Empire, in 1906. In
1913, when he was seven years old, because his father was appointed
executive power company in Linz, Austria, he and his family moved
there. When he was a child, he was often bullied and knocked or thrown
stones from other children because he looked like Jews (at that time
in Austria had been widespread anti-Semitism on a daily basis). In
1932, he joined the Nazi Party in Austria, which joined the SS. Ten
years later; he promoted the Guard Commander and carried out the
genocide of the Jews in the extermination camps. The number is said to
have killed more than 600 million. After that, Nazi Party was wanted
by Israel’s special police “Mossad”. He fled to Argentina under a
false name. But, seven years later he was found and caught. And he was
sentenced to death as Israel‘s first trial in 1961. When he was
examined, he told, “One death is a tragedy, but death of many people is only
a number of population statistics.