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First Lady : Eleanor Roosevelt

By: Kristen L.
Kentucky, Age 11

Who really was Eleanor Roosevelt?
What really did she do to be so famous? a She was the first lady of Franklin Roosevelt. She was very very important!

She was engaged in 1903, married in 1905 to Franklin Deano Roosevelt. She helped Franklin a lot after he had gotten in an incident. She did radio broadcasts and expressed her opinions in the daily syndicated newspaper column ''My Day''.

One of her most famous quotes is,''No matter how plain a woman may be if truth and loyalty are stamped upon her face all will be attracted to her''.

Franklin died in 1945. After his death Eleanor returned to a cottage at their Hyde Park Estate. She countiued her career until her strength began to wear in 1962. She died in New York City that November and was buried at Hyde Park beside her husband.