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The Voice of Darth Vader

By: Chelsey J.
Kentucky, Age 11

Did you know when James Earl Jones was born, where he grew up, how tall he is, why is he famous, who inspired him, did he have any sisters or brothers? Well in this biography you can find everything about him.
He was born on January 17, 1931 in Arkabutla, Mississippi, but he didn't grow up in the that place. He grew up in Dublin, Michigan where his mom had a farm.
As a kid he suffered from a severe stutter. With drama class that helped him a lot. That also helped him develop a voice that would change his life forever.
Everybody thought he was famous because of his living on movies, but that is wrong. What he does a living he is a janitor. He is famous for his voice.
He was inspired by a high school teacher. He works with some other people that helped him are Steve, Harrison, Quincy, Penn, Teller and Peter.
He now lives in Millbrook, New York. He has no brothers or sisters.