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Emily Dickinson

By: Wyatt H.
Missouri, Age 11

Emily Dickinson is a famous poet. Emily Dickinson was born December 10, 1830 in Amherst Massachusetts. Emily Dickinson died on May 15, 1886 in her home town Amherst Massachusetts. When Emily Dickinson died she was 55 years old. Emily Dickinson died of Brights disease. Brights disease is where it affects your kidneys and you would stay in bed for months. While in bed you will suffer from headache, mild fever, and high blood presser.

Emily Dickinsonís early life
Emily Dickinson attended Amherst academy and then studied for one year at Mount Holyoke. Emily was segregated from the rest of the female seminar, where she was segregated. Emily was separated from her classmates, when she would not profess her faith in Christ.

Emily Dickinson adult life
Bad time for Emily Dickinson 1864-1865. Emily Dickinson went to live with motocross cousin in Boston. When Emily Dickinson went to Boston see saw an eye doctor. When Emily Dickinson was in Boston she was forbidden to write. In 1870 Emily Dickinson and her sister cared for there mom.

Emily Dickinsonís family
Emily Dickinson grandfather founded Amherst College in 1821. Both her father and brother served for the local State and federal government. Emilyís mom was paralyzed by a stock. Emily Dickinson went to Amherst College and academy. Emily was well versed in politics and history as well as in classic literature. She then studied for one year at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary.

Emily Dickinsonís major accomplishments
Wrote in 1881 was the Man Script Books of Emily Dickinson. Emily wrote almost 1775 poems in her life time. She wrote 366 poems a year. Emily Dickinsonís poetry was not published until after her death. Some of her poems were Atlantic Monthly, Independent, and Springfield Republican.