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Emperor Edward I of Prittlewell

By: James R.
Australia, Age 11

Emperor Edward I was born on the 8th of September 1920 in Prittllewell. He was Eldest Grandson of King Timothy and Queen Patricia. He was the eldest son of Lady Alexandra and General John.E.Rapp. He was christened Prince James Albert Edward George timothy in May 1921. In 1928 he became the first Prince of Napolionica. In April 1931 he became known as Emperor Edward I after the abdication of his grandfather. After taking his armed forces to fight in WWII in 1945 he decided to marry the woman of his dreams Isabella Knowles. They were married in a small temple in October 1945. They had two Children Prince Edward born 1948 and Princess Eleanor born 1950. For many years the four lived happily until on February 1st 2009 when The Emperor died peacefully in his sleep. He is remembered as one of the best and longest ruling monarchs in history.