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A imaginative writer,Lucy Maud Montgomery

By: Alyssa W.
Canada, Age 9

Did you read Anne of Green Gables? Well hereís the writerís life. Lucy Montgomery was born on November 30, 1874. She was also known as Maud and L.M.Montgomery. Maud was born at Clifton Prince Edward Island. Her childhood was kind of boring because no one lived close to her so she spent her days; dreaming and writing. She started school in Cavendish Beach Prince Edward Island. L.M.Montgomery is famous for her books like; Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea and other books that are marked with L.M.Montgomery. Maud was a teacher and writer. She helped herself to get famous by being a dreamer and using her imagination in her stories. She got married in July 5, 1911, to Ewen Macdonald. Maud gave birth to two sons, but then she had some struggles. Her struggles were: When her cousin died, when she was sick, when she didnít succeed (one of her books (Anne of Green Gables) got sent back by many book companies) and when her husband was sick. She lived most of her life in Prince Edward Island. Sadly she is dead. She died on April 24, 1942 in Toronto, Ontario and that is all you need to know about Lucy Maud Montgomery.