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Jasmin Sullivan

By: Nyeisha C.
Pennsylvania, Age 11

Jasmin Sullivan was born April 9 1987,she always said ''when I grow up I'm going to be a famous singer'',she was also raised in Philly ,pa.Shes a 2005 graduate of the arts where she was a vocal music major,still she managed to persevere and started singing in a children,s choir,by 13 she sang with Stevie Wounder.Her dad worked at Strawberry Mansion high school.Wow!I think that's amazing,what else was Jasmin Sulivan doing?,and how is she?

Also she was a positive speaker and she's a very humorous person,she makes mostly everyone feel better in her songs or in real life.She lives to dance,she once was married but he died in a year before they ever got married.Her mom said she was her doll and a amazing daughter she could ever have,when she used to live in Philadelphia she wished she could move out of the city and start a family,but when her husband died she got very empty inside but shortly she got through it.

She went and joined in contest,choirs,and more.she made a deal with J records ,Missy Elliot,Wycter Jean helped her on her way of becoming a r and b singer and song writer. Her dream came true amazingly with big hits cd's:Fearless,need u bad,she is amazing!

She cares for her family and she never backs down,plus she's very gifted.she always tells her fans and kids around the world to follow your dreams.she is and always will be an musical prodigy.