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Tara Lipinski

By: Marisa D.
North Carolina, Age 9

Tara Lipinski is a amazing ice skater.Tara is one of most greatest ice skaters in the U.S..Tara had a great childhood,she beacame famos when she was a teenager,and she won many awards.
Tara Kristen Lipinski is one of the most greatest ice skater in the U.S..Tara is the only child.Tara also spent most of her cildhood in New Jersey and Washington.Tara first learned how to figure skate when she was six years old.You might think she went to school but she had a tudor instead of going to school.Tara had a wonder ful life as a child.
Tara Lipinski was only a teenager when she became famos.Tara's first accomplishment was winning woman athlet of the year.You might of thought that she was a adult when she was in the olympics but she whas only a fifteen.Tara's so good that she won a gold medal in the winter olympic games.
Tara Lipinski had to work very very hard to become famos.Tara won lots of medals,trophies and other prizes.For example in 1998 Tara won a silver medal in Nagao,Japan in 1998.Tara practices very hard to complete her goals.
One of the graetest ice skaters in the U.S. is Tara Lipinski.Eventually Tara beacame one of the best ice skaters in the U.S..