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My Favorite Author: Andrew Clements

By: Grace M.
New Jersey, Age 10

My favorite author is Andrew Clements. He was born in Camden, New Jersey on May 29, 1949. He is currently 62 years old. Andrew Clements went to Springfield High School and Northwestern University.
The hardest part of writing for Mr. Clements was for him to concentrate on writing. Even though he was an English and Writing teacher, it was hard for him to writing a book. I myself have trouble concentrating on writing sometimes.
Originally, when Mr. Clements was in school, he enjoyed reading more than writing. When he grew up, he started to enjoy writing better than he did when he was a kid. When he started to write books, it took about a year or a year and a half to write it.
Mr. Clementsís family spent summers at cabins there was no TVs, no emails, no phones, and they didnít have many other electronics. So instead of just laying around, they read books for fun. Mr. Clements didnít really have a favorite book. He said ďPicking a favorite for me is like picking a favorite child.Ē Mr. Clements is a very avid reader like his brothers and sisters. They got this from their parents.
Andrew Clements has written over 56 books in his writing career. He started off by writing adult books. Then, a couple years, later he started to write childrenís books. They included Extra Credit, Lost & Found, No Talking, Lunch Money, The School Story, The Jacket and Room One. He also wrote The Report Card, A Week in the Woods, The Last Holiday Concert, The Janitorís Boy, Frindle (best known), Keepers of the School, and many more.