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The Story of Larry Bird's Life

By: Elizabeth L.
Connecticut, Age 11

Get ready for a life tour of Larry BirdĂs life! If you donĂt know who he is, all IĂm going to say is he is a really, really, good, excellent basketball player. ThatĂs all IĂm going to say for now. IĂm saving the rest for later. ItĂs time for the story to begin rightÓnow.
Larry Bird is one of the best basketball players of all time! Now youĂre going to find out about him in this one story. Larry Bird was born on December 7th 1956. He is still living now too. Larry comes from a big family of 8! He has a dad and a mom named Joe and Georgia, 4 brothers named Mike, Mark, Jeff, and Eddie, and 1 sister Linda. He also has a grandmother whoĂs name was Lizzie. What a nice name! This whole family lived in West Baden Springs, French Lick Indiana. The grandmother lived in French Lick Indiana but the family boys and Linda slept over on the weekends.
Sadly the Birds were having money problems so Mr. Bird committed suicide. This happened when Larry was 19 years old. Larry didnĂt know what to expect then! He was deeply sad with shock. This really changed LarryĂs life because he realized to appreciate what he has and to take hold of all the chances you can get in life. He looked at the world in a whole new way. Which was to never give up and to treat every moment as it is your last one. Which he did from the day his father died. Now the BirdĂs still had some money problems so Larry was never selfish for something he really didnĂt need (like a toy). Plus, whenever he got something he was very thankful. When his father died it was his pivotal moment to never give up and treat every moment like it was your last one.
Did you ever just fall in love with something in a split second? ThatĂs what happened to Larry with basketball! It all started when the Bird family had to go to a family get together. Larry went outside and saw some boys playing basketball. The boys asked him to come on and play. So Larry said ˘Sure÷. At that moment he fell in love with the sport. From then on he practiced all the time. Even between classes! Did you know that he shout 500 foul shots every morning? WellÓ itĂs true!
When he tried out for the high school team he made it! His coach was Jim Jones. Although in the beginning of the season he broke his leg. Even with the cast he practiced! Not his dribbling or shooting but his passing. During this time he realized passing was the thing for him. He loved to do it! All through high school he played basketball. After that he went to Indiana state university for college. There he played basketball too. Larry only went to college for about 2-3 years! During this time he got married to a woman named Dinah Mattingly. Later on they had 2 kids named Corrie and Connor. But now back to basketball!!!
After college Larry got drafted to the NBAĂs Boston Celtics. He was totally shocked. He really never thought of playing for the Boston Celtics. Although in the NBA he won MVP award for three straight years in arrow. DonĂt forget all the other awards he won that there is too much to mention. I think just being in the NBA and winning all these awards in the NBA accomplished his life long goal of being a great basketball player.
Honestly his mom really never believed that Larry would go far in his career in basketball. But he knew he could and that he would be a great basketball star.
ThatĂs why he pushed himself in practicing so much. When he got into the NBA he knew he accomplished his dreams.
Now you know all about the 6 foot 220 pounds basketball star Larry Bird. I hope you enjoyed the tour!
I found all my information in the book Larry Bird Drive written by Larry bird.