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Jeff Corwin

By: Brett P.
Connecticut, Age 11

Brett Biosketch
February 17, 2004

Jeff Corwin

Growing up in Norwell Massachusetts when Jeff Corwin was six years old on his auntĂs farm he was bitten by a garter snake. He was so fascinated by it! When his aunt said˘ put it down÷, he said ˘no! [Crying] I love it.÷ Ever since, he has been fascinated with animals. He always loved creepy crawly things. He didnĂt understand how people didnĂt like them.

He majored in biology and anthropology at Bridgewater State College. In 1984, he established the Emerald Canopy Rain Forest Foundation, which helped protect the rain forest through educational outreach and habitat conservation. He also served as a member of the United Nations Environmental Program. In 1994 he joined the Jason Project, which entailed a trip to Belize in Central America. He had to transmit his rain forest wildlife encounters to students back in the United States. This got him hooked into wanting to be on television. He admired people who had done this, like George Page who did the nature shows on PBS. Finally after all his frustrating years of knocking, to no avail, at the door of the TV industry, someone wanted to put him on the air. He finally got what he wanted! He hosted his first on air show ˘Jaguar Trax÷ ű a natural-history docu-drama filmed in Costa Rica. From 1997 to 1999 he created his show ˘Going Wild with Jeff Corwin÷, a Disney Channel series. On all of his shows heĂs a comedian. He always has a humorous joke about every animal he meets. He has an affinity for animals, especially reptiles and amphibians.

Now he is 37 years old and is hosting the show ˘The Jeff Corwin Experience÷ on Animal PlanetĂs TV channel. The show combines funny scenes of Jeff with animals in an educational way. Jeff says ˘ My belief is that humor allows people to put down their guard and enjoy the learning process÷. He was also on ˘Today÷, ˘Good Morning America÷, ˘The Tonight Show÷, and ˘Oprah÷. He also dined with Bill Clinton. During all of his 10 months on the road, he was only endangered once when he was bitten by a coral snake. His happiest moments are when he is at home with his wife and baby girl Maya Rose. His most recent accomplishment is his book. ˘Living on the Edge÷ which describes his adventures in four different geological areas.. Jeff Corwin is a wonderful wild life biologist and a wonderful amusing educator of the animal kingdom and environment.