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Saint Jeanne De Arc

By: Tristan C.
New Mexico, Age 9

On January 6th around the year 1412 an incredible woman was born, Jeanne d'Arc. Her English name was Joan of Arc. She was born 50 miles southwest of Domremy on th border of Eastern France to Jacques d'Arc and Isabelle Romee. She grew up like any other village girl, with 4 brothers and sisters, until the age of 13.
Little did she know that she had only six more years to live. The divine voices she started hearing at 13 would be her death sentence. While tending garden one day she saw a heavenly bright light and heard a voice. As frieghtend as she was she soon understood it was a voice from heaven. On the 3rd visit she saw Saint Micheal throught the light. He told her that he would be leaving her but St Catherine and St. Margeret would be visiting her. Their missages told her to be pious and attend mass regulary. As she grew older they told her of the great misery of France and of her Godly mission. Her mission was to save France and have the Dauphin Charles crowined king at Reims.
At the young at of 17 on her third visit to Vaucouleurs, Sir Robert de Baudricourt, a French Governor granted her permission to give her an armed escort to she the Dauphin of France. She was able to convince Dauphin Charles to give her an army.
The voices Joan of Arc heard told her where to find her sword. She sent a message to the Chapel of St. Catherine telling the priests where to find the sword; behind the altar stamped with five crosses buried inthe ground.
As her sword was being recovered her banner was being made. The banner was made of linenlike material trimmed iwth silk. It pictured a figure of God withthe world in his hands and two angels by his side. ''Jhesus'' (Jesus) and ''Maria'' were embrodided on it with a fielf of lilies.
Armed with her sword and banner in May of 1429 Jaon's army defeated the English at the battle of Orleans. Up until the corination of King Charles VII, Joan's army was undefeated in battle.
After the king was crowned, for his own reasons, he ignored Joan giving her no support in battle. Fearing her popularity the king conspired to have Joan cajptured by the Burgundians on May 23, 1430. Later she was sold to the English and tried for witchcraft and heresy. Month after month she was subjected to harsh interrogation and was convicted on May 30, 1431. At the young age of 19 she was burned at the stake in Rouen marketplace.
It wasn't until 25 years later the Joan was given a proper trial. She was found innocent of all charges. In 1920 she was canozied by Pope Benedict XV.