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J.K . Rowling

By: Nicola A.
United Kingdom, Age 9

Tap tap tap went JK Rowling's foot as she thought of the next sentence to write. But when she had finished her first book [named Harry Potter] the publishers did not like it so Harry Potter was falling in the bin. But one day when she was on the train 9 & 3/4 she saw in her head a boy around 11 years old! He sat on a seat behind her and gazed out of the window! Then she had a new idea for Harry Potter. It was about a boy called Harry Potter who lived with his grandparents and his cousin. But on his 11th birthday he found out that he was a wizard!! So Harry Potter started his first year at school. In the end it got Published. All before this J.K. Rowling was an English Teacher and had gone up to Scotland to see her sister Di. Now her future looks bright and she's working on her 6th book and the 3rd book is coming out as a film in July.