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Jacqueline Wilson

By: Jasmine A.
United Kingdom, Age 9

''I'm thrilled to bits that the ''Cat Mummy'' has won this award, ''said Jacqueline Wilson, as she continued to write another book. But she has not only won an award for the ''Cat Mummy'', she has won awards for lots of her other books.
Julie Akhurst, a mother of three children and a Family Liason Officer in a junior school says ''Her books are very topical and humourous.÷
Her books are usually based on girls with problems: Tracy Beaker: she's an orphan and lives in an orphanage. She dreams about her mum coming to collect her, but she doesn't.
Lola Rose:: Jayni's dad has started to hit her mum, so Jayni, Kenny and mum run away, before their dad can hurt them again.
Illustrated Mum: Star and Dolphin are half sisters. StarĂs dad spoils her and she moves into his house. Dolphin now has to look after her Marigold,her mum, but she keeps going crazy.
Jacqueline Wilson has been a writer since she was 17, and for the last 20 years has been writing books for younger children. The successful writer was born in Bath 1945, but spent most of her childhood in Kingston ű on ű Thames. Her advice for young authors is, ˘Just enjoy yourself. ThereĂs no point writing about something you hate.÷