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Mark Twain

By: Michael L.
Illinois, Age 10

Mark Twain was born as Samuel Clemens in Florida, Missouri on Nov.30, 1835. Then the Clemens moved to Hannibal, Missouri when Sam was nearly five. Sam had three brothers Orion,Henery,and Ben and two sisters Pamela,and Margaret, but Ben and Margaret died. Sam felt like his life was boring everywhere. He was very troublesome two his brothers and sisters. Sam's family was really poor when his father died. Sam worked at odd jobs to support his family. He wanted to become a river boat pilit and he did. He met Olivia in a hotel. Later they got married. He changed his name to Mark Twain after a boat. He wrote lots of books,but his best was Tom Sawyer ,and Huckleberry Finn. He liked to travel to Europe a lot. Then he died in 1910.